"The Simpsons - Deep, Deep Trouble" (1991)
09.26.14 /18:50/ 152

"The Big Snooze" (1946)
Bugs Bunny, Warner Bros.
07.14.14 /19:48/ 243

The Dead Kennedys knew how to do it.
06.01.14 /22:53/ 1025

"Animaniacs - Meet Minerva" (1994)
06.01.14 /22:52/ 58

"Pluto’s Sweater" (1949)
Pluto, Disney
04.21.14 /16:50/ 1149

"Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare" (1964)
Tasmanian Devil, Warner Bros.
03.16.14 /19:13/ 55
03.07.14 /02:07/ 1

"Bewitched Bunny" (1954)
Bugs Bunny, Warner Bros.
03.03.14 /16:28/ 511
02.14.14 /17:59
A comp I took part in… The tracks had to be 8kbps MP3’s and had have something to do with “revolution” … Its quit good. A unique listen, there should be more of these!
02.10.14 /03:07


Snake Eyes! 88 Teeth! Hammer Head! Pussycat Puss! Bat Man! Double Header! P-P-Picklepuss! Pumpkin Head! Neon Noodle! Jukebox Jaw!!!

Hey you’all, feeling awesome? Well I am!
SECONDS IN SOUND officially launched it’s website last Sunday. SINS is an expanding collective that will be hosting DJ sessions every two weeks and sharing them for all the world to hear. 

I had the fine time of spinning a few records myself in this première and will be taking part in many more to come. 

The DJ line up in this session is as follows:

Otis Fodder
The Ghost Cutter
Lil’ Cutie
Mr. P.H.O. King

The same line up repeats for the second hour&20mins.

All the sets are a rad melting pot and I recommend a full listen through!

But for those interested; Here’s where my sets start (& finish):
1:01:24 - 1:19:50……….AND……….2:27:22 - 2:40:24

Visit the website, read the about section, look at the photos and download the mix!
Aahh, isn’t it nice to be told what to do!!! (happy emoticon here)

02.05.14 /19:09

"Springtime For Pluto" (1944)
Pluto, Disney
01.30.14 /15:25/ 60

"Boogie Woogie Man" (1943)
Universal Pictures
12.27.13 /17:35/ 70

"Tiny Toon Adventures - Her Wacky Highness" (1990)
Babs Bunny, Tokyo Movie Shinsha, Warner Bros.
12.05.13 /20:34/ 200
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